Act of Kindness

Interview with Alison Ficklin, Documentary Drive.Com

Screening at Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, Sunday July 16th.

Longplay, Time 6pm

Address: 318 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

Fabrice Kirwa, cameraman, guide, translator on Act Of Kindness in Rwanda

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Web Store is Back

My online DVD store was broken for months due to technical issues behind my ability to fix. I had to take the step of shutting it down and rebuilding it from scratch. A royal pain. Some aspects of the layout and design may change, I’m still figuring out how to add trailer videos and other content; but the store functions all seem to be working properly now. My sincere apologies to anyone who suffered frustration trying to order a DVD. And thanks to those who persevered and brought the problem to my attention.

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Web Store Broken

My web store at is busted. Has been for months thanks to the site host changing software and not informing me. It’s thrown a giant spanner in the works. Anyone who has tried to purchase DVDs will have experienced great frustration at checkout. For which I sincerely apologise. Not my fault, but I was none the wiser. 

I’m canning this version of the store asap and starting up again with a different provider. 

Watch this space. Meantime, anyone keen to purchase a DVD can contact me directly. Arrangements can be made quite simply. 

Best wishes,

Costa Botes

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A long ramble with Simon Sweetman

For anyone interested, here’s a longish interview I did with critic/blogger/man about town Simon Sweetman for his podcast series. Look down the page for the link. Podcasts can also be accessed and downloaded (free) from iTunes.

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YouTube and you

When I refer to “you”, I presume I am addressing fellow creators – that is folks working in creative industries like music and film, making creative goods that can be traded online in return for income.

In other words, fellow professionals.

Know this. YouTube is NOT your friend. It is in fact, the very opposite of a friend. It wants to kill you.

Ever since its inception, YouTube has made a mockery of intellectual property rights, utilising the worst aspects of human nature to infiltrate and degrade interactions between artists and consumers, for its own benefit.

Here is an informed and very thorough analysis of the problem.

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Where Silicon Valley wants us …

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Worth a moment of your time …

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Another myth about online piracy exploded.

Does piracy act as promotion?

Common sense (and real world experience) says NO.
Magical unicorn economic theory (the kind they teach at Silicon Valley) says, “sure it does”.

Can’t introduce this topic any better than the first couple of paragraphs of the linked blog. Read on:


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DMCA: Denying Monetary Compensation Always | MuseWire

Dear Bill Clinton,

the stain you left on Monica’s blue dress was nothing compared to this mess. Should have taken the rose coloured spectacles off.

The Trichordist

Who Benefits from the DMCA?
The ISPs (Internet Service Providers) who are facilitating all this trafficking of stolen material are completely off the hook because of the safe harbor provision. Imagine a company that helped people tap into the water system of your town. On the surface, they are simply selling plumbing and faucets. “Hey, we’re not making money from stealing water,” they might say, “we’re making money on sink fixtures; we can’t help it if the water people run through those fixtures is stolen.”

Yet that is essentially what Title II of the DMCA allows to occur, but with intellectual property instead of water. And by letting corporations profit from services that promote the stealing of copyrights, we send a powerful message to everyone: theft is acceptable if you can get a law passed that exempts you from prosecution.

So screwed up is Title II of the DMCA that…

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When Sharing is not Caring: The myth of the Sharing Economy

We now routinely have politicians prattling on about the need for ‘disruption’. They are regurgitating misleading propaganda. If they understood the true consequences of disruption and the so called ‘sharing economy’ they’d shut up very quickly.

This is an amazing bit of analysis. Very clear sighted, and all the more devastating for it.

Next time someone casually drops the word ‘disruption’ into a conversation, you might care to employ some of the arguments advanced here.

And while we are at it …

How about the rampant malarkey swirling around the concept of ‘crowdsourcing’?

Anyone with a functioning brain cell must have spotted the flaws, contradictions, and hidden consequences in this concept.


Have a read:

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